Iftar Palate: Mediterranean Salad

During the month of Ramadhaan, we have a tradition of eating iftar as a big family, so we all gather at my in-laws’ place, aka ‘the big house’ for the evening meal. I’m lucky to have sisters-in-law who refuse to allow me to cook in this month, because I’m raising a small baby as well as studying at the same time. But that still cannot keep me out of the kitchen, and I usually take along something savoury and something sweet to start with and end off the meal.

Ramadhaan brings out the most unhealthy in us, especially in our household where savouries are the order of the day, followed by something slightly more substantial. Unfortunately, come middle of the month, and I’m heartily sick of it all. So…not being able to look at another samoosa for at least a week, I decided to break the rules and go for a salad instead.

I found this somewhat-different-sounding recipe on one of the whatsapp groups I’m on, (the ladies there prepare the most delicious-looking things, and are kind enough to share their secrets!) so I thought this would make a fantastic starter. My adapted Mediterranean Salad is full of exotic flavours, and they come together on the palate in the most wondrous way. The tastes of olives, brinjals, peppers, tomato, feta, herbal mints and corianders, and added to all this the sweetness of dates, all fuse to perform this anomalous sensation in the mouth, which is the best way I can describe it. Served with Greek yoghurt with a sprinkling of arabic Dukkah powder, this makes for a unique and interesting start to the iftar meal.

It’s something very different to what I’m used to, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Interestingly, I never ate brinjals before because I didn’t care much for the taste, and only recently (as in a few months ago) began eating it after tasting one that was almost-burnt to a crisp. It goes very well in this salad, and is definitely worth a try!

Here’s how to make it:

*Featured image courtesy of S.