Post-Eid: A Quiet Celebration

Eid Mubaarak!

I know I’m quite late for this, but with blogging there never is enough time, and posts just kept getting deferred. In my defense, however, it was a very busy, difficult time for me to squeeze in any hobbies, what with studying and exams. And then, after a truly amazing Ramadhaan, and an equally beautiful Eid, I just needed a break and to get away from it all for a short time. So I packed my bags (with the singular intention of ‘comfort over style’) and headed on over to my parents’ place for some much-required R&R. (Where better?) The plan was to do absolutely nothing, except to catch up on some series that I’d missed, as well as to just enjoy my children, something that I’d sorely missed during those intense preceding weeks. The worst feeling had to be sending my baby away to his dad or minder whenever he walked in for a cuddle, when I was busy working. It was heartbreaking. So I made the most of my time by giving him all the cuddles in the world, enjoying important milestones (he’s just learnt how to walk) and having regular chats with my (slightly) older boys over cups and cups of tea and hot chocolate. Aside from the fact that my better half could not be there to spend that time with us, it was pure bliss not having anything expected of me, no deadlines to meet, and no early morning school rush. Late mornings and early nights abounded, and there was just a feeling of calm and tranquility. And now…I’m back home and truthfully, I’m feeling a little nostalgic for it all. But back to reality we must all go…although that post-Ramadhaan lethargy (you all know what I’m talking about!) is setting in way too quickly for my liking.

Fashionwise, for Eid this year, there was no specific abaya trend that really stood out for me. Rather there seemed to be a broad mix of textures and patterns that brought about a sense of ‘anything goes’, which made for the most riveting viewing. Linens, velvets, pleats, prints, belted or open, the options were endless, and as a result, I took on the challenge of creating a piece unique enough to stand out, while subtle enough to be exude a ‘quiet elegance’. The result? A fully reversible sleeveless coat that is inspired by the coat abaya/kimono:

I will feature this very special piece in a detailed post soon, so keep a look-out for it. For now though, I’m going to call it a night!
Love, A’irah