The Ramadhaan Thoub | Caftan

I cannot believe how quickly Ramadhaan has passed by. It seems like just a few days ago that we were preparing for this month, both physically as well as psychologically, and yet here we are, with barely a week to spare before Eid. I had planned to write and publish this post a while back, but spare time in Ramadhaan, as I know you are all aware, is at a premium.

During Ramadhaan tradition has it that we are invited to have iftar with family and friends, and I often find myself in a dilemma of what to wear. Of course, I could just slip on an abaya, but since I like to savour the specialness of a beautiful black abaya on Eid, I like to dress a little more casually, without taking away from the occasion of dressing up to go out. Enter the Ramadhaan thoub, or caftan. There are many options available in the Middle East, but not very much here in a South Africa, unfortunately. I wonder if it is the level of intricacy of the work on the caftans, or the sheer lack of demand for the garments that renders them so scarce here, but I feel like there could definitely be a market for them, should the right styles and designs come our way.

I’ve put together a few looks that I’ve been collecting for some time, which I think work perfectly for this month, in keeping with an Islamic heritage and lifestyle, with a modern twist. I would love to know what you think of these:

I hope you’re having a truly blessed Ramadhaan so far, and will catch up with you soon, in sha Allah!
Love, A’irah